10 Celebrities We'd Like to See Dress Normal on Halloween

Lady Gaga

Doesn't Gaga own any 501s?

Some celebrities forget they're really just people underneath their fame, their characters, and their on-stage personas. They don't know when to drop the act and just be, you know, normal for five minutes. Does this mean some of them might be incapable of normalcy? Maybe so; however, that doesn't stop us from wanting to inject a little "ho hum" -- as in jeans, a T-shirt, and flip-flops -- into their lives.

Put down the eyeliner, take off that wig, chill with the spray tan, stop wearing dresses made of meat, and let us see what lies beneath. Here are the 10 celebrities we hope will let their normal flags fly come Halloween.


10 Celebrities We'd Like to See Dress Normal on Halloween

1. Lady Gaga 

Enough with the costumes and the meat dresses. I mean, look what the singer wore to the airport. Let's see the plain old Gaga. Could you imagine her in some 501 jeans and Converse?


2. Ke$ha

About her style, the singer said herself, "It's a celebration of being broke and not really caring what other people think." So maybe we could beg her to care for just one day?

katy perry tutu

3. Katy Perry

I tend to like what singer Katy Perry's got going on style-wise (excluding the tutu above), but I'd love to see her all normaled out, too.

Snooki Jersey Shore

4. Snooki

For once, wouldn't it be nice to see Snooki without the makeup -- especially that frosty pink lipstick -- the bronzer and spray tan, and the trashy short-short dresses.

Pauly D

5. Pauly D

I would actually pay money to see this one. Take away Pauly D's tanning and impenetrable wall of hair gel, please! This would be as liberating, I think, as when Billy Ray Cyrus and Michael Bolton cut off their mullets.

Amy Winehouse

6. Amy Winehouse

Your junkie style aside, we'd just like to see you normal on Halloween, Amy. Normal as in sober, clean, on the wagon. Give it a go, okay?

Scott Disick Kourtney Kardashian

7. Scott Disick

Not sure if he's inspired by Miami Vice or the Easter holiday color palette, but Kourtney Kardashian's man has been seen in pink pants, magenta blazers, and insanely mismatched patterns. I don't think you can be a known "douche" and pull this look off, but dear god, who gave him a clothing line?

8. Rihanna

Seriously, I just want to make sure the singer has a regular outfit to wear in case the President invites her to dinner. Or, you know, she ends up in jail for streetwalking. I think she'd get cold wearing this in that dank cell.

heidi montag spencer pratt

9. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt

Alright, it's probably not fair to ask Heidi to look normal when she's surgically enhanced to look like she does. However, I don't think it's too much to ask that Spencer resist looking like the Greatest American Serial Killer.

Joaquinn Phoenix

10. Joaquin Phoenix

Okay, we get it now. Your yearlong mentally ill homeless look was all for artistic exploration. But let's keep it normal now. We like you like this. So glad you're back.

What celebrity would you like to see dress normal this Halloween?


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