Kate Gosselin Too Perfect on 'People'? Spare Me Your Sanctimony ...

Kate Gosselin people coverKate Gosselin on the cover of People looking hotter than ever in a skimpy white bikini. Just look at her. You'd never guess that washboard, stretch-mark-free stomach enclosed six babies at one time, before a surgeon gathered and sliced off all that excess skin in a popular cosmetic procedure known as a "tummy tuck."

Now her stomach looks exactly like it did before she had her litter. As do her enhanced breasts. And she loves her new body. Who wouldn't? She told People:

"I've worked really hard! Haven't I earned the right, at this point, to look good?"

Yes, you have, Kate, though many people will jump on you and say you cheated. That you should be proudly vamping on that cover with pancake boobs and parachute abdomen in the name of women with war-torn bodies everywhere. You do not deserve to say you worked hard, they'll say, because you had your body "fixed."

This hypocritical argument fails in so many many ways I don't even know where to start.


For once in my life, I'm on Kate's side. No one -- especially those who claim they are pro-choice -- have the right to criticize Gosselin for her cosmetic surgery procedures or to deny her her hard-won body back (which, to note, was not reclaimed through surgery alone -- she's also been running and exercising like a fiend).

We are a society who values our own acceptance, needs, and happiness at the expense of others and everything else. We don't care about sending the right "message" or somebody's definition of it. We've become accustomed to "fixing" things in the quickest, easiest way possible when they don't work out to our liking. That includes our relationships when we walk out of a marriage, and it includes our bodies in the case of plastic surgery and even in pregnancy, including IVF as much as abortion.

If it doesn't feel right, if it's a tad inconvenient at this particular point in time, if it wasn't in the plan, if the picture doesn't look like we think it should look, we "fix" it. Because it's our mind, our body, our lives, our choice, right?

Plastic surgery is no different.

So don't start in on Kate. She looks great. And you're just jealous.

Is Kate Gosselin sending a bad message to women about their post-pregnancy bodies?


Image via People

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