Jimmy Choo Attacks UGGs With a Glue Gun

UGGSWalk on the moon in style with these blinged-out moon boots. The silver and gold studding will make you the coolest astronaut since Neil Armstrong did his first step and leap dance back in 1969.

Oh wait, they're not made for chilling out in space? You're actually supposed to wear these in public?


Underneath all that bling is a typical UGG boot (try your best to use your imagination). But then Jimmy Choo got his little designer hands on it with what I can only imagine to be a glue gun. The result is this big sparkly mess.

Jimmy Choo, how could you?! What did those UGGs ever do to you?

And if you think this pair is hot, check out these others:


Zebra and sparklies?! Someone hold me back!

Jimmy Choo UGGs

Kaia Zebra; $595

Dear god, will the fringe trend ever go away? (Sorry to say ladies, per the fashion shows that I've witnessed this fall, we're in for another long year of it.)

Jimmy Choo UGGs

Sorah; $695

More wild animals! Rawr! Wouldn't you just feel super-sassy in a leopard UGG with bells hanging off of it?

Jimmy Choo UGGs

Kaia Leopard; $595

Zebras and leopards and a WTF? Oh my!

Jimmy Choo UGGs

Siobhan; $495

The limited (let's hope so) edition line by the designer for the favorite winter footwear was just released and you can have your very own pair for just under half a grand.

So tell me, would you be caught dead in wear any of these?


Images via UGGAustralia.com

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