19 of the Most Empowering Nail Polish Colors

nail polish Ginger Liz Ivy League

Ivy League by Ginger + Liz

Forget painting on Jaded Love and Lemonade Stand by Your Man nail color. And don't even think about wearing Jizz nail paint by the makers of Dick Weed. Ewww. Hell no! How about some empowerment, ladies!

Just because we find it nice to put some lovely color on our nails from time to time doesn't mean we have to patronize our strong and happy womanhood with offensive nail polish names like I'm Not Really a Whore. Just stop it.

Become a nail color feminist today. That's right. Give the finger (painted in a pretty pro-woman color) to misogynistic nail color names.

To get you started, we've picked out 19 empowering nail polish color names.


19 Empowering Nail Polish Color Names

  1. Who Needs a Prince? by OPI
  2. I Pink I Can by Sally Hansen
  3. Brave by POP Beauty
  4. No More Alimony by Dashing Diva
  5. Mad Men devotees can wear Joan or Betty from Zoya (I need some Peggy!)
  6. Orgasm by NARS
  7. Shifting Power by essie
  8. Steel by RGB
  9. Solitude by SpaRitual
  10. Call Your Mother from Sephora by OPI
  11. Left Him Cuffed to the Bed by Naughty Nailz
  12. Muse by Illamasqua
  13. Bangin by Rescue
  14. Dragon by Chanel
  15. Aristotle in a Bottle by Glamorous
  16. Endless Possibilities by Revlon
  17. No Shrinking Violet, also by Revlon
  18. Ivy League by Ginger + Liz
  19. No More Drama by Deborah Lippman (with Mary J. Blige)

Think no one has to know when you buy a nail color name that puts you down? Well, you know, and isn't that all that matters? We're strong, we're bright, we're powerful. Why can't our nail polish names be?

Be good to yourselves, women friends. Right on down to your fingertips.

What empowering color name would you like to give a nail polish?


Image via Ginger + Liz

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