Dry Shampoos: I Tried Them, I Like Them!

OjonMy friends have been raving about dry shampoo long enough for me to get excited about trying it myself.

The newest breed of dry shampoos are made by upscale brands mainly to extend the time one can go between blowouts. The most popular versions are aerosol-like sprays that are to be directed in short bursts at the roots.

My friend Lena let me try her Ojon Dry Cleanser (Sephora, $24), which she says is basically the gold standard of dry shampoos, when we were at BlogHer ...

Here's what I thought.


First off, I only wash my hair every other day. The first day, it has a good amount of volume. The second day, it has less, but it never gets oily until day three.

I used Lena's Ojon on day two and I did notice a nice increase in volume at my roots, which made me happy. However, within about four hours or so, that effect had worn off and I think my roots were actually in slightly worse shape than they would have been because of the product I'd put on them.

Long story short, I liked the Ojon, but not enough to run out and buy myself a bottle when I got home. Add to that the fact that MANY of the reviews on Sephora complained that the nozzle stopped working entirely after only a couple of uses and I'm even less likely to buy it.


Oscar BlandiA few weeks later, I was back in New York for the Rumpled to Runway fashion show. I received a gift bag when I arrived at my hotel that included Oscar Blandi Pronto Invisible Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray (Sephora, $23). I was excited to try it because I'd heard it was good. I'd also heard that I could spray dry shampoo even on freshly washed and dried hair, just to give it a little extra texture and volume. That's exactly what I did ... AND IT WORKED!

The Oscar Blandi dry shampoo spray gives me a little lift at the roots, and less of a weighed-down look. I especially love using it after I've straightened my hair with a flat iron -- it keeps me from looking like Morticia. And when I use it on my second day after washing, it gives me instant volume. LOVE.

Honestly, I wouldn't recommend either of these products to restore oily hair to its non-oily state. I think you might just want to wash it at that point. (I have heard that witch hazel on a cotton swab, though, helps. Hmm.)

However, I do love my Oscar Blandi and I think I'm going to have to keep a bottle handy for special occasions from now on.

What do you think of the new dry shampoos? Have you tried them? Do you want to?


Images via Sephora

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