Crimped Hair Trend, Tips for Red Lips, & More News

red lips

  • You know that awful crimped wave your hair has after being braided or in a ponytail for too long? The look that you would never, ever walk out the door with? It's being spotted on the runway from super-stylish Victoria Beckham's new collection. Each of her models at her recent Fashion Week show had a giant deliberate crimp in the middle of her hair. Please tell me this isn't going to be a trend. -- Bella Sugar
  • One of the most noted trends that I've seen throughout the numerous photos I've surfed through from this year's NY Fashion Week is the eye shadow. Several collections' models wore bold, colorful shadow sweeping across the entire eyelid. -- Glamour
  • One classic trend that will never go out of style: the siren red lips. But it's admittedly hard to pull off. Check out these expert tips a la Estée Lauder creative director Tom Pecheux to rock the red. -- Allure


Image via Alaskan Dude/Flickr

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