VMA: Worst Fashions of All Time?

CherSo we all know Lady Gaga wore a dress made entirely out of meat last night at MTV's Video Music Awards. Her outfits are definitely the most outrageous, and last night she didn't disappoint. From a ridiculous Alexander McQueen dress and feathers on her head to a black canopy with a cone-like bodice where she needed a couple of men to help her up (why didn't I think of that?), her fashion choices are always a hit in the headlines.

But many other celebrities showed up that night trying to steal her thunder ... leaving us all wondering what exactly they (and their stylists) were on.

Here are six others that left us scratching our heads in wonder.


It must be hard being in the middle of all those young, hot-bodied, plastic surgery-loving stars who don't look a day over 15. So 64-year-old Cher literally wanted to turn back time, wearing a revealing, sparkly outfit identical to what she wore in her video "If I Could Turn Back Time." From all of us, Cher, please stay in the present.


Katy PerryKaty Perry

She even admitted that she looked like an ice skater, but the worst fashion faus pax was seen at her fingertips: She had Russell Brand's face painted on her nails. That's just creepy.


Some were furious that Will.i.am showed up to the VMAs in blackface -- the makeup worn by actors during the 19th century to perpetrate racial stereotypes. But others thought it was just a part of his costume, as he was in an all-black outfit. So ... is a black man wearing blackface racist? Is this really the type of discussion we want to be having while talking about the VMAs?


Ke$ha Ke$ha

What better time than the present to start working on cheap Halloween costumes? Ke$ha showed up in a dress she claims was made out of a trash bag that she got from The Home Depot. I actually would never have been able to tell unless she had said something ... so kudos to her! But the fur and Bumpit didn't help her cause.


Pseudo-slutty ballerina outfit with bright red hair and sparkly silver headband on said bright red hair? Maybe Rihanna went crazy after feeling threatened while listening to young Willow Smith's new "Whip My Hair" single. There was nothing sexy nor stylish about this outfit.



Err...where do you even begin with this one? Not sure if she was channeling some sort of blue inspiration from Avatar, but if she were, what's with the terribly mismatched jacket? Her blue platform boots even clashed with her blue ... leotard. Only musicians, I tell ya.

Whose outfit did you think was the most outrageous at the VMAs?


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