The Cosby Sweater: It's Baaa-aaack!


Most of us have a photo like this one hidden somewhere in the very bottom of a box located in the very back of a dresser/the darkest corner of our attic/50,000 leagues under the sea.

During one of the most cringe-worthy moments in fashion history, Bill Cosby popularized sweaters so outrageously ugly that even today, many of us still have nightmares about them.

Well, I've got news for you ladies.

They're baaaaa---aaaaack ...

Read on to see this season's interpretations of that fashion monstrosity known best as The Cosby Sweater.


Urban OutfittersThis model is so charmingly pretty, you can almost overlook the fact that she's wearing a sweater Urban Outfitters calls the Grandpa Cosby Sweater Cardigan (Urban Outfitters, $48). Yes, friends. Teens and twenty-somethings are now flocking to buy the same sweaters you couldn't pay me to wear.


TopshopOnly a kindergarten teacher could get away with wearing this knitted alphabet cardigan (Topshop, $90).



Sure you'd get a few laughs in this It was a Dark and Squirrely Night sweater (ModCloth, $139.99). But at this price, I'm afraid the joke will be on you.


StyleBopYou could always channel the Coz with this Missoni M Multicolor Striped Cardigan (Stylebop, $370). Sure it's expensive, but it used to be $660, so you're getting a GREAT DEAL.


MarniOf course, the true stylistas will go ga ga over this, erm, eye-catching wool cardigan (Marni, $810). Okay, so this cardi represents a rent check for some of you, but the looks on people's faces when you wear this will be PRICELESS.

My advice if you want to sport a hot Cosby sweater in your town? Check Goodwill. You can probably find something very similar to these sweaters without too much trouble!

What do you think of the Cosby sweater's return? Will you rock this look?


Images (top to bottom): Joe Shlabotnik/Flickr, Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Stylebop, Marni

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