How Cartoon Characters Can Help Us Dress Better

When it comes to heat, few bring it like the females in cartoons, but usually they are over the top with their flowing locks, skin tight clothing and bodices cut down to the navel.

Still, there are many, many style tips we ladies who live in the real world can take from female cartoon characters without devolving into looking like trollops while we push our babies down the street.

Whether it is a necklace or a hair style or a fierce accessory, we can all pull a little bit of style from the animated ladies both we -- and our children -- like to watch.

Here are 10 cartoon ladies with style to steal:




Daphne Blake of Scooby Doo rocks a strong 60's vibe in her little mod mini-dress and high boots, but it is the green scarf and purple headband that anyone could pull off. Purple and green look great with Daphne's coloring, but really any color would work and give the same pop.

Tinkerbell is adorable all the time, but her signature high bun is a very hot hairstyle for 2010 and is a great look for any face. It pulls all the features up and would be especially good for those mornings you are too tired to wash the hair, but still want to look good.

SilverMist is Tink's friend and a beautiful water fairy. Her little booties look both comfortable and stylish and are also one of fall's hottest fashion trends (the bootie). White would be hard to pull off in New England, but in warmer climates, it is a great look for cooler weather.


Smurfette was a total mystery to me. Why was she the only girl? Was Papa her dad or her pimp? What was with her and Handy? But one thing I never wondered about was how cute she was (very) and her white eyelet dress is still lovely today.

She-Ra, who turns 25 this month, was amazing in my youth and I adored her. Few of us could pull off an elaborate headress and bustier for everyday-wear, but her gold belt and boots are things anyone could rock and feel almost like a superhero.

Batgirl is about as goth as they come, which is not a look most can pull off, but her above the knee black boots and large gold chest symbol are looks that are easily conducive to a hot date night with your spouse.








Wonder Woman rocks these red boots, which I have been salivating over since I was about four. They are not neutral or tame, but they are oh-so-sexy and make the legs look long and lean.







Poison Ivy may be evil, but her green tights could liven up a dull fall dress and make it pop.








Jessica Rabbit is hands-down the sexiest cartoon character in history. Though her dress slit to her waist and breasts spilling out over the top are not practical looks, the color is sexy itself as are her simple gold earrings and above-the-elbow gloves. When you go super sexy, keep the accessories very simple and elegant. Perfection.









Cat Woman may not be the most moral superhero, but she sure is sexy. She also wears the hottest fall 2010 boot style (in my opinion) -- the lace-up. You can go sultry or casual with the look and it goes beautifully over skinny jeans and leggings.











Try these styles out and see how they work off the screen and in real life!

Would you dare to do it?


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