Fashion's Night Out: 28 Celebrities, Designers & Hot Fashion Sightings You Missed (Photos)

Sarah Jessica Parker
The lovely Sarah Jessica Parker (that dress!)

Okay, so I'm not at Fashion's Night Out 2010 in NYC either, but I am living vicariously (and with much envy) through all the Twitterers tweeting away (#FNO) between stores. With Sarah Jessica Parker, Olsen twins, and a trio of Kardishians abound, it sounds like a very star-studded and designer-decorated shopping event. Shopping and hanging with stylish celebrities and kanoodling with top designers? Oh yeah...

So what's the big event all about? Vogue magazine editor Anna Wintour launched the first Fashion's Night Out last year to try to reignite the industry and shoppers amid the recession. Today, the event, for its second year, kicked off in 100 U.S. cities from New York to Los Angeles, Houston and Miami.

So you're hours from a major city (like me) and you're sitting home eating pizza over your computer (like me), then here are 28 people, places, and things you missed (and the night's still young!).


Mard Jacobs ice cream truck
Marc Jacobs' jewelry-pedalling ice cream truck

Diane von Furstenberg
Hey, it's Designer Diane von Furstenberg

tom ford
HOT babe Designer Tom Ford

Fashion's Night Out: 28 Celebrities, Designers & Fun Fashionable Things You Missed

  1. Free ferris wheel rides on Rodeo Drive in L.A.
  2. A Houston ice rink transformed into a fashion runway.
  3. Cirque du Soleil performers playing in the streets of Washington.
  4. A shoppers' block party in Miami.
  5. And in NY, where it was all really happening, top designers Diane von Furstenberg (there she is above), Donna Karan, Alexander Wang mingling with shoppers at in-store parties.
  6. A Marc by Marc Jacobs ice cream truck (photo above) pedalling jewelry. Hello!
  7. The Kardashians -- Kim, Kourtney, and Kris at the QVC Shop (via @CathrynMarie).
  8. Drunk girls trying on shoes they can't afford (via @mattsjacobs).
  9. Gwen Stefani and people swarming Kanye West (via @Zid_man). Awww, has he finally been forgiven?
  10. Karaoke at Bergdorf Goodman where Nicole Richie sang the Spice Girls.
  11. Victoria Beckham at Bloomingdale's (via @briiannnaax3). She should have been over at Bergdorf Goodman's helping Nicole Richie out with the song.
  12. The Olsen twins judging karaoke at Barney's and Claire Danes saying, "I want to see the Olsen twins judge karaoke" (via @womensweardaily).
  13. The Real Housewives of DC Mary Schmidt Amons chillin' at Betsey Johnson (via @Schuntel).
  14. Jared Leto on a bike (via @alexandergold). Hubba hubba!
  15. It's Mary J. Blige (via @womensweardaily).
  16. This dude furiously licking Louis Vuitton bag in the storefront window (via @ NYPhilanthropy).
  17. Elijah Wood looking crazy (via @panio21)
  18. Dance lessons with designers like Zac Posen at Saks Fifth Avenue .
  19. A dance by Naomi Campbell and other top models at Dolce & Gabbana (via @NikkiOgun).
  20. Josh Hartnett walking his pitbull (via @kimwhitemakeup). Holla!
  21. Jessica Alba wearing a silver sequin dress and grey nails with a wavy bob haircut (via @sjadlerstein). Yeow!
  22. Charity poker at Valentino. Check out actress Kate Walsh from Private Practice (via @womensweardaily) at the poker tables, probably around the time she cleaned out Vogue editor Derek Blasberg and right after Courtney Love walked in and ruined Derek's luck.
  23. Christina Ricci at Jeffery New York (via @rebeccanyc). Love her!
  24. Katy Perry's absence from the event. She tweeted that she had the flu. Get well soon, Katy.
  25. Chris Brown grabbing his crotch (via @CCoppersmith). Hmm.
  26. Rachel Zoe and the Project Runway designers hanging out at Piperlime (via @PiperlimeBrand).
  27. Waiting and waiting and waiting for a cab (via @okMai).
  28. A lot of people tweeting how crazy and fun it is in New York.

Whew! I'm sure missing a lot. And FNO's only just beginning in L.A.

Wish you were there?


Images via @Pretti_Bitchie, @VanessaPineda, @SarahBernardo, @CutBlog

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