When Mommy Walked the Catwalk: My Rumpled to Runway Fashion Show Recap

Rumpled to RunwayI promised you all a recap of my runway experience in New York earlier this week, complete with photos and video so that you can all laugh at me.

Well, here's the scoop.

For those of you just tuning in, I was asked along with eight other fashion bloggers to travel to New York during Fashion Week and participate in a fashion show sponsored by Electrolux and hosted by Kelly Ripa. It would all benefit the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

As you can probably guess, it took me about 2.1 seconds to say YES!


We were each given $150 to put together an all-white outfit with teal accessories (teal being the official color of ovarian cancer awareness). I realized I could play it safe with my choice -- or be a little daring.

Guess which option I chose?


Daring, baby! I mean, when was I ever going to get to walk the catwalk during New York Fashion Week again?!

I decided to wear an oxford button-down tunic as a shirtdress and I also ordered a pair of kick-ass Jessica Simpson teal suede peeptoe platform heels. Once we had all arrived in NYC on Tuesday morning, we met with two celebrity stylists, who helped us pull our look together with a few more accessories that they had brought to add to the mix. We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping and had a group dinner that night at NYC hot spot The Spotted Pig. And it wasn't just any dinner -- we dined in the third floor VIP room (the room generally occupied by Jay Z and Beyonce when they stop by), where the chef prepared our meals in front of us and explained each course to us before it was served. 

The next morning, we showed up at the Rumpled to Runway event space bright and early for hair and makeup. Our hairstylists and makeup artists were amazing industry vets with lots of stories to tell. I had so much fun hanging out with my friends as we had our hair and makeup done.

Isabel Kallman, Lindsay Ferrier                       Here's Alpha Mom Isabel Kallman and me, pre-hair, post-makeup ...

Yes, as you can see, I was feeling pretty good ...

... and then I saw the catwalk.


Rumpled to RunwayIt was a long, lonnnng catwalk. And I had chosen such high, high heels. And such a short, short dress. Nervously, I looked around at all the other bloggers in pants and modest, knee-length skirts and reasonable heels.


I tried my best not to panic as we lined up and prepared to take the stage one by one when Kelly Ripa called our names. I had the fleeting thought to ask for a barf bucket at the end of the runway, just in case. But I kept quiet. Surely I could walk down a runway and back without tripping. Surely, I could do it.

Suddenly, it was time. I stepped up onto the runway. I walked to the end.


Lindsay FerrierCross another item off my bucket list, y'all! Mommy walked the runway!

And at the end of the show, guess who walked right over to me and put her arm around my waist, just like we were the very best of friends?


Lindsay Ferrier, Kelly RipaKelly Ripa! (Now that we're BFF, I call her Kell-Kell.) (But not to her face. Just when I'm staring at her picture.) (Over and over again.)

And just like that, after all that preparation ...

It was over.

I went back home to my family. I had missed them terribly. The kids were already asleep by the time I got home, but when I woke up my 6-year-old daughter for school the next morning, the first thing she said when she opened her eyes was, "Did you win the fashion show???"

"Yes," I said. "Yes, I did."

Want to see video of the show? Visit Kelly Confidential.

Disclosure: My participating in the Rumpled to Runway campaign was sponsored by Electrolux who provided me with a $150 stipend to style my look as well as travel arrangements to and accommodations in New York to participate.

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