New York Fashion Week Gets Its First-EVER Plus-Size Show

Crystal RennWomen of America, rejoice!

For the first time ever, an entire show at New York Fashion Week will be devoted to plus-size clothing!

The show, sponsored by plus-size brand OneStopPlus, will feature popular models Toccara Jones (of America's Next Top Model fame) and Lizzie Miller. Emme, OneStopPlus's brand ambassador, will host the red carpet.

Since 62% of American women fall into the plus-size clothing category, I'm thinking this fashion show couldn't come at a better time.

Next week's show will feature some of the "best in American and European plus-size designs," according to the press release.

Personally, I can't wait to see the photos!

It feels this year like there's a plus-size revolution going on in the fashion world, don't you think?

But we still have a long way to go -- here's why.


Although this show will take place at Lincoln Center, the central hub for Fashion Week events, it is not an official part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

And while some designers are certainly embracing the plus-size trend (Marc Jacobs recently announced plans for a plus-size line and plus-size model Crystal Renn is everywhere lately), the continued prejudice against plus-size women certainly was in full effect on last week's Project Runway.

When the show's up and coming designers were asked to rework bridesmaid dresses for a group of non-models, much was made of the fact that one of the designers had to work with a plus-size woman. I'm not plus-size and even I was offended by the comments that were made about the "difficulty" of this "poor designer's" challenge. The designer himself went on and on about how he really hoped the judges would appreciate how hard he had to work to make his model look decent.


Dude? If you can't dress a size-14 woman, then you really don't even deserve to be in the competition, mkay?

I would like to believe that the recent press over Crystal Renn, Christina Hendricks, and the upcoming plus-size Fashion Week show means that we're going to begin to see more fuller-figured and plus-size women on the runways and in fashion shows on a permanent basis.

But the skeptic in me is pretty sure that this is all just another here today, gone tomorrow trend.

What do you guys think?


Image via Splash News


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