'Project Runway' Recap: Being Partners With Ivy Is a Nightmare

Project Runway 8
Budding 'Project Runway' bromance?
Since Peach left us last week, poor April has to move in with the crazy girls, aka Gretchen and Ivy. Michael C. is hurt that no one cared that he won last week. I wouldn't hold your breath on that one, buddy.

Heidi introduces the next challenge and reminds everyone that Michael C. has immunity. Cue massive eye-rolling. She has them go out to a boat dock to meet Tim Gunn and Michael Kors.

The challenge is to create a resort-wear look. Resort-wear can include anything from swimwear to casual clothes to evening gowns. Not as exciting as a hat that looks like an ass, but I digress.

To get inspired, Michael sends them out on a beautiful yacht with brunch and gives them some sunglasses from his own line.

This is how I always pictured spending my afternoons in New York City, as opposed to sitting in my window-less apartment eating Easy Mac for brunch ... oh well.


So they get to work with a budget of $150 and Tim tells them to think "resort." How helpful.

As they get started, Tim waltzes in with a bag. Everyone talks for 15 minutes about how much they hate that velvet bag (gotta fill in an hour and a half somehow).

He reveals he's putting them into teams of two because each will be wearing two hats: the hat of a designer, and the other as the creator (how very True Blood). In other words, they have to give their designs to someone else to execute. He mentions that successful designers don't create their own work, they have to oursource them.

So it's Valerie and Andy; Michael C. and Mondo; April and Christopher; Casanova and Gretchen; and Ivy and Michael D.

Everyone of course doesn't trust their partner with their design. Mondo already tells Michael C. he can't do quality construction, and rubs in the fact that he has immunity. Gretchen makes it clear that Casanova can't speak English by handing him offensively large drawings. Ivy hovers over Michael D., evil billowing out of her. “I feel like I’m turning into my mother,” she said. “And you don’t want to see a Korean get angry.” Immediately I hang my head in shame when she says she's Korean. We're not all insane, I promise.

Mondo finally realizes he's giving Michael C. a hard time. Finally! It seems like they form a strong bond, and I think their relationship is super-cute.

On to the runway, and Kristen Bell is the guest judge. None of the designers seems to know who she is or what she has to do with fashion. Me neither.

Here are your bottom 3:

Project Runway 8

Mondo design, Michael C. made: Mondo admits he's never been to a resort in his life, and you can see it. Nina thinks it's very disappointing and believes it's cheap and junior. The judges thought it was something you could pick up at Forever 21 or Kmart. Ouch. However, Michael C. says it was the funnest challenge, sticking up for Mondo. I hope to see more of their bromance in future episodes.

Project Runway 8

Ivy design, Michael D. made: Hold on to your skirts for this one. Ivy mentions that Michael's "limitation of skill" affected her design after the judges rail on how awful this outfit is. Michael K. says it has no personality. Nina says Ivy's very good technically, but questions if she has the vision to be a good designer. Heidi even said that it looks the way it looks and that Ivy threw Michael D. under the bus, a favorite phrase of the judges this season. "That's you throwing him under the bus, and you right with him." Amen, sister. I mean, this outfit is just abhorrent ... might as well have wrapped a sheet around the model's legs.

Project Runway 8

Casanova design, Gretchen made: Michael K. says the fantasy needs to be there. Kristen doesn't think it has enough, while Nina says there's nothing cool about the outfit. Casanova tells them it was inspired by his grandmother, and Heidi says it shows. Okay, so it's not very resort-y, but I could actually see how some women would wear this outfit. I like the neckline and detailing on the top. Guess I'm a 70-year-old grandmother then.

And here are your top 3:

Project Runway 8

April design, Christopher made: They like it because of the large bottoms, so it doesn't look too skanky. Kristen loved the "dress" and said it was something she'd wear. Nina thinks it looks "stunning from head to toe." Er, I thought this one was okay. The top seems to be a little ill-fitting, and black is boring for resort-wear in my opinion. I don't know, this just looks like something I'd pick up at Vicky's.

Project Runway 8

Andy designed, Valerie made: Okay, so I loved this design. Andy gave Valerie props for the execution. Heidi likes it a lot, while Nina thinks it's very sophisticated and looks expensive. Michael K. says it was beautifully done, "exciting and glamorous." His face even lit up during the runway show, which is something I never see. He also mentions any woman could wear this bathing suit. Um, you mean any woman who's stick thin, tall, and gorgeous, right Michael? But this one was my favorite.

Project Runway 8

Michael D designed, Ivy made: Ivy says Michael D. doesn't know how garments go on and off. Michael D. actually thinks that's true, and explains how Ivy is far more technical than he is. Kristen thinks it's effortless. Nina thinks it could work for women of many ages. Michael K. says that the end result really worked out. He thinks it's what you'd want to wear in the tropics. Seriously? I'd wear a long black dress to the tropics? What do these judges wear on their vacations?

April wins! Sucks because I wanted Andy to win. I don't really understand their decision.

Casanova is out, Ivy's in. Heidi encourages her to wow them next time. I'm sure they're keeping Ivy in solely for the drama. I mean, her outfit was terrible, while Casanova's wasn't so bad. We'll see how Ivy bounces back (or hopefully gets the boot) next week.

What did you think of April's design? Did Casanova deserve to go home?


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