Camel Toe: Most Embarrassing Fashion Flub Fixed

Camel toe -- like hardened nipples, open flies, or period-stained jeans -- is one of those problems you never think about. Until you have it.

Hella humiliating.

For those not in the know, a primer: camel-toe occurs when clothing is too tight in the crotch and so pulls in enough to reveal the outline of the labia majora. It got its name because, well, it looks like a camel's foot.

There are music videos and websites devoted to the toe (or at least to mocking it), but now there is also a product: the CamelNot. It comes from Braza, a company that makes shapewear and other products that help solve fashion dilemmas.


It looks a little like a camel itself, but it's actually a padding one sticks in their underwear (though it can also be worn without) using adhesive tapes that come along to avoid the embarrassing faux pas.

It seems to work, though also seems a bit ridiculous. Why not just buy your pants a size bigger? But since leggings, skinny jeans, and hot pants are in again, they are probably worth a try.

Let us recall the poor Charlie's Angels, who were famous for their camel toes. Tight clothing and commando do not mix.

Braza did send me a couple samples and though I worried they might make me look like I was stuffing my crotch, the end result is pretty clean and streamlined. I will definitely utilize it this fall when I wear leggings and my jeggings.

One embarrassing problem solved! Now we can move on to more important things: how do I camouflage regrowth between waxings?

Would you try this product?


Image via sandyseek/Flickr

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