Padma Lakshmi Wears Same Outfit Twice in a Row!

Last night on Top Chef, host Padma Lakshmi showed up in the Singapore market wearing this:

padma lakshmi

She looks gorgeous as usual. But wait ... something about this outfit is oh-so-familiar ...


Oh, right! Because she wore something incredibly similar just last week at the Emmy Awards!

padma lakshmi

Only civilians are allowed to repeat outfits -- not stunningly beautiful celebrities!

To be fair (and to prove that I'm not blind), I will admit that the outfits are different -- one is a pantsuit romper (god, how does she pull that off?) and the other is a gown. But the basic concept is the same: dramatic midnight blue color paired with drapey statement necklace.

And, if we take a closer look at that necklace, I think we'll understand why she thought it was okay to repeat:

padma necklace

It's none other than the Grey Pearl Masai Necklace -- from Padma's very own jewelry collection. It's always okay to repeat outfits -- especially if it's your own design.

I've got to say that I love Padma's exotic-chic style: It's borderline risky but still brimming with class. Her necklace is a little (okay a lot) out of my price range, but here are a few alternate versions that are different but still achieve a similar bold look.

This Nomads Bead Necklace ($85) by Bonesandthings has a definite tribal feel to it. I could see it on its own or layered with other necklaces.



The Porcupine Quill Necklace ($100) by RejoicetheHands draws the eye to all the right places. It's more subtle but still makes a statement.


Are you surprised to see that Padma repeated outfits? What do you think of her look?

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