Having an Indecisive Fashion Day? Switch Flop!

It is such a genius idea I can't believe someone didn't put it out before: base shoe soles with a variety of interchangeable tops that can be preppy, fun, fancy, or casual depending on the mood of the wearer.

I love it.

The Switch Flop has a summer line that involves flip flop-like bases (only slightly more professional) with a wide variety of embellished (and plainer) tops.

They also have a fall line of flats and heels with a closed toe and a variety of snap-on embellishments.


The concept is fantastic. It's like 20 pairs of shoes in one.

As someone who is bored of shoes sometimes before I even wear them, I love the idea of changing it up depending on my mood. I'm a mercurial sort who loves the idea of committing to soles, but not to the overall presentation of the shoe.

The execution? We'll see. It's not like they will last 10 years, but at roughly $50 for the base and $10+ for the straps, they are an affordably fashionable way to get through the season.

What do you think? Would you try these?


Image via Switchflop.com

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