Hottest Fall Hair Trend: The High Bun

Keri RussellA hot hair trend that's seemingly getting hotter as the temperature cools down is the high bun. The super-high ballerina-worthy bun.

Celebrities such as Rachel Bilson, Kim Kardashian, Keri Russell, Whitney Port, and Cameron Diaz have all rocked the look and critiques seem to be pretty black and white. You either love it or you hate it.

Not wanting to slam it before trying it out on myself, I gave it a whirl, but since I have no red carpet events to go to, I wanted a toned-down version (like Keri's in the picture).

The first time, I just did what I always do when making a bun, only higher. But slowly, with each passing hour, the bun slid down lower and lower. After a bit of practice, I figured out the trick to getting this celebrity-raved look.


Teasing. Lots and lots of teasing. Think back to your '80s days (scary!). Then, lots and lots of hairspray. Reminiscing, yet?


teased hair
ACK! I know what my Halloween costume is.
After you have a bird's nest of a head, flip it over and create the bun at the top center of your head. Smooth out the sides by spritzing a little bit of hairspray on your hand and going over the frizzies. Ideally, you're left with some poofiness at the base, and a full bun on top.

high bun

high bun

Initially, I didn't care for the look until I actually tried it on myself. It was super-easy and quick to do, and looks way more fashion-y than my usual lazy bun.

So what are your thoughts on the high bun? Do you fall in the love it or hate it category?


Images via Splash News, Brittny Drye

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