Prabal Gurung for Target?, One Earring Trend, & More News


  • Please let this be true, please let this be true. Word has it that fabulous Nepalese designer Prabal Gurung will collaborate with Target (squeeel!). He's still a newbie, but his pricey designs are to die for, favored by the likes of Demi Moore, Oprah, and Carey Mulligan. If the rumors are true, then his bold colors, sharp tailoring, and elegant cocktail dresses will be affordable to women everywhere! -- Fashionista
  • An odd trend is starting to pop up on the red carpet -- wearing one earring with a side updo. Jessica Szohr and Milla Jovovich have both rocked the uno earring, though I'm not sure if I'm loving it. It reminds me too much of a pirate. -- Glamour
  • Rules are meant to be broken, and that definitely goes for fashion rules. The whole "white after Labor Day" thing is such crap. In fact, I'm wearing a white shirt today. Take that old-school fashion! -- Esquire
  • There are some pros and cons for the new Hourglass Femme Rouge Velvet Creme Lipstick. It has a weird shape that's difficult to get used to, and the price tag ($30, ouch!). But it's long-lasting and is refillable. Hmm, to buy or not buy, that is the question. -- Makeup & Beauty Blog


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