Marilyn Manson Without Makeup: He Gives Me Nightmares Either Way

Marilyn MansonOkay, I was just over on Marilyn Manson's website.

{{{ shiver }}}

That guy freaks ... me ... out.

I think I'm going to have nightmares from that little weird video he has running over there on his site right now. I'm less afraid of watching a girl murder puppies apparently than listening to his creepy music running over a snuff-esque film strip. Eeesh.

Anyway, I always thought Marilyn Manson was probably a lot less creepy under the white face paint, black-lined eyes, and blood red lips. You know, I thought it was probably a stage persona thing. This is what helped me sleep at night -- and helped me understand why a cutie pie darling like Evan Rachel Wood would date this scary-looking dude.

But no, now I've seen him without the makeup and I'm still afraid. Check out Marilyn Manson sans makeup after the jump.


Marilyn Manson without makeup

That's him. Marilyn Manson without makeup and all sported up to boot. What do you think? I say Eek! Still scared. He looks like he might say something like, "It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again..."

This shot actually comes from Interview magazine where they reveal that Manson is obsessed with the HBO comedy Eastbound & Down about Kenny Powers, a washed-up former baseball star with a mullet.

Adam Bhala Lough, director of Manson's upcoming film Splatter Sisters (which also stars  Evan Rachel Wood), told Interview that Manson dresses up like the Kenny character and walks around quoting dialogue from the show.

That's really frickin' weird (although sort of cute and funny, right? right?). And now I've got to get off this page before I might never sleep again.

Do you know anyone else who looks super scary with or without makeup?


Images via Amazon and Interview


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