20 Beauty Tricks Using Items You Already Own

Fergie, musician, mogul, and sex symbol, has long luscious hair that she sprays every night before she goes out with perfume.

The Black Eyed Peas entertainer sprays her hair because it keeps the smells of smoky clubs and bars at bay, covers up the unwashed scent when it has been a few days, and generally disperses the smell of the perfume better than the pulse points. This is a "secret" I have employed for years.

Celebrities are lovely to look at and probably know more about beauty than many, but the fact is, we "real" women probably have more tricks than all the celebrities combined. I asked around and found at least 20. Add your own if you have them.


20 "real" beauty tips:

  1. Don't bother with expensive and superfluous shaving creams for women. Use cheap conditioner instead -- it's less expensive and negates the need for lotion.
  2. Keep tweezers in your car -- plucking stray eyebrows is easiest in the bright daylight while stopped at a traffic light, etc.
  3. Fill your lips with pencil and then cover with a cheap gloss. It will last until you eat and is much better than expensive colored glosses.
  4. Use an old mascara wand to comb eyebrows.
  5. Buffed and well-filed nails look cleaner and are superior to a French manicure. Plus they are much easier to maintain.
  6. Aloe vera is great for perking up tired eyes. Even better if it's refrigerated.
  7. Before curling eyelashes with a curler, use your hair dryer to heat it up. The curl you get will be much better.
  8. Apply lotion right after the bath or shower to lock in the water.
  9. Do not buy any beauty product without testing first. It's worth it to splurge on key items.
  10. Don't shave right away -- give your hair a chance to soften. Shave toward the end of the shower.
  11. Also cut nails and toenails at the end of a shower.
  12. Apply deep conditioning cream to feet and cover up in socks before bed to extend the time in between pedicures and keep feet baby soft.
  13. Wash your hair at night, towel dry, and put it in five braids before bed and wake up to beautiful waves. Give it a tousle and go!
  14. Hot rollers never go out of style. 
  15. Use a wet toothbrush on your lips to remove dry skin.
  16. Naturally curly hair does better without brushing. Just finger comb conditioner through in the shower.
  17. Air dry for a week and give your hair a break even in the winter.
  18. Hand lotion is a great shine serum for the hair in a pinch.
  19. Apply clear polish before colored polish in order to keep it from staining the nails.
  20. A white eye pencil under the brow is a great way to hide strays between waxings.

What tips do you have?

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