Lands' End Canvas Sale: Deal of the Day

Lands' End CanvasIt's not often that Lands' End Canvas has sales, so I'm all over this one.

Lands' End Canvas is a slightly hipper version of Lands' End, with a little bit of a J. Crew feel. It's heavy on basics, and my friends who have ordered from Lands' End Canvas absolutely love it.

Best of all, the clothing is all timeless, so when you buy from an end-of-season sale, you've got clothing that never goes out of style.

Take this Heritage Polo, for example. Right now it's on sale in eight different colors for just $8.99!

Remember my polo post not so long ago? I'm just sayin'.....

PLUS, reader Leigh just informed me that you can get free shipping with the code CARDIGAN, pin 3029!

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Lands' End CanvasI've mentioned this Heritage Cardigan (Lands' End Canvas, $20.99 on sale) more than a few times- It looks like a perfect weight and fit and now it's also a perfect price!


Lands' End CanvasI'm a new fan of knit scarves like this Slub Cotton Scarf (Lands' End Canvas, $8.99 on sale) because they are so versatile. Wear them around your neck, as a sash, as a hair wrap- The possibilities are endless!


Lands' End CanvasChances are you'll need a lightweight coat for the next month or two until the cold weather really sets in. What could be more appropriate than this Washed Cotton Coat (Lands' End Canvas, $42.99)?


Lands' End CanvasOversized tops and menswear looks are so hot for fall- Wear this Boyfriend V-Neck Sweater (Lands' End Canvas, $18.99 on sale) and you'll fit right in, and stay comfortable in the process!

There's plenty more to see- Check out Lands' End Canvas's sale page here!


Images via Lands' End Canvas



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