Burberry: More Twilight Than Twilight

BurberryEach time I see these ads, I can't help but think of Twilight.

Not the movie series... The book series.

Back when the first Twilight film came out, I was disappointed in the casting of the vampiric Cullen family. I had imagined impossibly beautiful and yet strange-looking creatures with a mysterious, otherworldly edge. Instead, I got Hollywood actors with too much white makeup on their faces.

But now, improbably, the Fall 2010 Burberry ad campaign is exactly what I wanted to see on the big screen. Click through to see more of the ads, and tell me if you agree.



Who cares whether they can act? With their poreless skin, androgynous charm and designer duds, these Burberry models certainly look the part of the Cullen crew-- and in Hollywood, that's really all that matters, right?



I imagine they'd cause quite a stir if they showed up in a high school cafeteria in Forks, Washington...


BurberryOne minor quibble with Burberry's Twilight vision- With all the animal-killing those kooky Cullens are up to, you just know their coats would be REAL fur...

You have to wonder if Burberry designer Christopher Bailey is a closet Twilight fan... I'm thinking YES!

What do you think?


Images via Burberry

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