The Leopard Coat: My Personal Exception to the No Faux Fur Rule

Leopard CoatI know, I know. I'm a mass of contradictions.

Just yesterday, I told you how much I hate faux fur- and I do.

However, I'm willing to bend that rule in the case of the faux fur leopard coat. This photo is the reason why.

It's from Garnet Hill and it's a not-entirely-out-of-the-question-if-we-have-Hamburger-Helper-for-a-week $188.

And I really, really want it!

And looking at it in the catalog, I was reminded that I instructed all of you to buy a leopard coat at the end of last winter, because I swore it would be a fabulous buy for this season.


I am now leopard coat free and willing to eat Hamburger Helper in order to have one.

Let's look for some more cute and affordable leopard coats that are available right this very moment, shall we?







TopshopI'm also loving this leopard vintage faux fur coat (Topshop, $190). If you wear a lot of black like I do, a leopard coat is a great way to shake things up and look really of-the-moment.


TopshopIf traditional leopard print is too vibrant for you, you might opt for the lovely muted tone of this cropped faux fur leopard coat (Topshop, $170). I LOVE IT.


BodenI'm also smitten with this velvet blazer (Boden, $98), which is another way to wear the trend without feeling too "showy."


BlueflyThis Adrian Landau leopard printed rabbit fur vest (Bluefly, $237) is pricier, but it's real fur, so you get what you pay for.


EtsyFinally, don't forget Etsy! This vintage coat (Kerosene Kristen, $70) is in excellent condition and at $70, it's a steal!

What do you think of faux leopard coats? Would you wear one this season?


Images (top to bottom): Garnet Hill, Topshop, Topshop, Boden, Bluefly, Etsy

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