Christina Hendricks Breasts in 'Rolling Stone': Thank You, Universe

If only Christina Hendricks and her bodacious bod had been around when I was in high school, maybe I would've gone through less body turmoil.

The breast-blessed actress has been flaunting her cleavage everywhere lately it seems, and the latest cover of Rolling Stone features her (and the three other stars of Mad Men, but who's looking at them?) and she looks fierce (as always).

I'm really digging the return of retro beauty, but mostly I'm so grateful for her and her (reportedly) 38DDD boobs. I would've been even more grateful for her 15 years ago when I was slogging my way through high school with curves like that, back in the day when Kate Moss and heroin chic was the way to go.


Back then there was no model for what I looked like. Everything was skinny, everyone wanted to be skinny, and I wasn't skinny. Even now, I'm about 30 pounds thinner because of running, aging, and weird body changes and I'm still not "skinny."

Of course, now it's much easier to be curvy. Whether we like it or not, Hollywood influences our sense of beauty. I no longer think the ideal body type is waif-like and although that could be due to being older and wiser, I'm betting it has more to do with Christina Hendricks and Salma Hayek and even Jessica Simpson.

According to The New York Times, small breasted women are now the ones fighting for body acceptance. How odd that we have come full circle in my lifetime.

Here's a radical proposal: what if we are all beautiful in different ways? What if both are sexy and gorgeous and neither is "trendy"?

Bodies are all different, but one doesn't have to be wrong for the other to be right. Smaller breasted women can go braless, something that's simply impossible for us bustier ladies (Christina Hendricks probably goes industrial strength brassiere shopping). Both are sexy in their own way.

As I watch my daughter grow up in this world, I hope she will have multiple role models for beauty and style. But if her body is anything like her mom's (and her grandmother's before her), I will be thanking the universe for Christina Hendricks and her amazing rack.

Does Christina Hendricks make you feel better about your body?


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