Bristol Palin to Dress Moderately on 'DWTS'? Please Hold While I Laugh

Bristol PalinIf it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, acts like a duck ... it's a duck, right? Unless it doesn't dress like a duck. Then it can keep that virgin- duck-like identity.

Bristol Palin has vowed (much like that empty vow we all take in middle school about saving ourselves for marriage) to not wear revealing clothing during her stint on Dancing With the Stars.

That's ironic on so many levels.

See, here's the thing ... DWTS is notorious for their scantily clad costumes. That's half the fun! So why would you knowingly go on a show that's famous for their wardrobe (or lack thereof) if you want to do the tango in a nun outfit?


Bristol, the gig is up. You carry a baby around with you. We all know that you have had (gasp!) S-E-X.

She tells People, “I think I will be the most dressed [contestant and have] the most modest outfits for sure because that’s who I am,” and that she wants to set a good example for her son.


If the whole example thing is really the issue here, then I say this again, do not go on a show with sexy costumes.

Is there an echo in here?

What are your thoughts? Think she should have gone on DWTS if she's going to go against their typical costume?


Image via Astrid Stawiarz/Getty

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