Anne Hathaway Chops It All Off: What Do You Think?

Anne HathawayAnne Hathaway is the latest Hollywood actress to get rid of her long locks in favor of a pixie cut.

In Anne's case, the new 'do is for her role in One Day, which is filming now in Paris.

I guess the part called for "a pretty young actress who wears fabulous clothes and ruins the entire thing with one truly abominable pixie cut."

That's the only explanation I can come up with for why filmmakers would decide that Anne needed short hair for this movie.

Interestingly, though, the latest news from Anne's camp lets us in on a hot secret about Anne's new look ...


She's wearing a wig!

Thank GOD!

Anne has a sharp face to begin with -- her long hair softens that pointy nose and chin. With a pixie cut, there's no hiding those facial features.

Also? It's a messy sort of pixie cut that looks like it's had several weeks to grow out. It's reminiscent of all that was awful about women's hair in the '70s.

I'm not opposed to pixie haircuts in general, but it takes a very particular woman to pull them off. Halle Berry is the ultimate pixie cut success story. Carey Mulligan and Ginnifer Goodwin also have managed to make it work.

But Anne? Not on your life. Just as Keri Russell's surprise haircut ruined viewership for the TV series Felicity, I can actually see Hathaway's cut leading to lower ticket sales for this movie. After all, women like to pretend to be the heroine of the film when they watch a movie.

But who's going to want to pretend to look like that?

What do you think of Anne's new haircut?


Image via Splash News

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