Forget Santa Sweaters- Let's Have a Preppy Party!

Kiel James PatrickSurely you've heard by now of Santa Sweater parties, where 20-somethings buy the tackiest holiday-themed sweaters they can find and wear them as part of the alcohol-enhanced entertainment.

Well forget that.

I came across these hilarious pictures from Kiel James Patrick's site (dig his supremely preppy bracelets here- I think a certain trust fund baby is jockeying to be the next Ralph Lauren), and with the preppy look roaring back into fashion (Did it ever really go out?), I won't be happy now until I've hosted my own Preppy Party!

Read on to see more of these awesomely bad photos!



Kiel James Patrick

                                                          You'd fit right in with this gang!


Kiel James Patrick

                                              Madras. It's not just for pants. (But it should be.)


                                         Because it's not a party without Lilly Pulitzer.


Kiel James Patrick

                                 They came to get down. Most likely to Dave Matthews.


Kiel James Patrick                         Even Mee Maw and Pa Pa can get in on the Preppy Party action!

So... Do you want a spot on my guest list or what?!


Images via Kiel James Patrick

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