Dear Venus: Please Spare Me the Crotch Shot

Venus WilliamsWhen I was growing up, you were either into sports or you were into fashion. The two seldom crossed paths. But it seems nowadays, especially in tennis, the lines of fashion and sport are blurred, co-existing harmoniously in the form of flouncy ruffled skirts.


If you look at photos of tennis tournaments from yesteryear, the outfits are pretty country club basic -- white with white, decent length hemlines, and polos. But if you walk into the U.S. Open stadium today, you might see outfits that more closely resemble that nightie you were showing off to your husband last night.

Venus Williams is notorious for pushing the envelope with her outfits. Wearing skirts that leave little to the imagination and donning skin-colored skivvies underneath to practically not even need an imagination, her fashion picks have perked some controversy. After winning a match during the French Open, she defended her lacy fashion choice:

“Like, you can wear lace, but what’s the point of wearing lace when there’s just black under? The illusion of just having bare skin is definitely, for me, a lot more beautiful.”

Of course it is ... in the bedroom. In a movie sex scene. On the runway. Maybe even in a club. But not on a tennis court.

Regardless, she's still "technically" within uniform guidelines, which merely state, "Players will be expected to dress and present themselves in a professional manner," leaving quite a broad range for interpretation.

Allowing for those flirty chiffon skirts that would be just as at home in a bar as it is on the courts. Hey, no need to change for that celebratory cocktail! I couldn't imagine playing sports in short skirts, I feel I'd be more concerned with giving the press a crotch shot than my competitor's serve. But then again, I don't play tennis.

What are your thoughts on tennis uniforms? Think some of the players go a little too far with their choice of outfit? If you're a tennis player, what sorts of outfits do you usually wear?


Image via Splash News

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