The Color-Your-Own Dress (Markers Included)

color your own dress

Ever wish you could get a piece of the fashion designer action but feel you're just not creative enough? Or got no skillz? Well, here's a fun way to cheat your way into a little fun clothing design -- color your own dress!


How cool is this Colour-In Dress from Berber Soepboer (concept and design) and Michiel Schuurman (textile design)? This would be quite a fun weekend project.

If you colored it all in, all those tiny little details, would you wear it? Or just hang it on your wall? It'd be really cool to use washable markers and create a new look every time you needed one. I'd be down for that.

color your own dress

So here's your chance. Become the fashion designer you've been wishing you could be. This sweet DIY dress will only cost you 238 Euros (or about $301). Yep, that's it.

Would you be into coloring in your own dress?


Images via MONOmoda

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