Hottest 2010 Fall Accessory: Cleavage

Cleavage gets knocked a lot in mainstream women's magazines as a "figure flaw" or "trashy," but all those ladies who knock it really just want our knockers. 

Salma Hayek -- the queen of cleavage -- took a hit the other day for showing too much on her way out of a restaurant, but what man in his right mind would ever kick that stunning woman out of bed?

I say "too much" cleavage is an invention of haters. Cleavage, after all, is the best accessory. Just think of that vintage photo of Sophia Loren eyeing Jayne Mansfield's voluminous rack. It's no secret what those eyes say.

So while it won't win you any girlfriends, cleavage is a one-way ticket to sexy in spades.

Here are 10 reasons it's the best accessory:

  1. It gets you out of speeding tickets.
  2. You can lose a necklace or earrings, but misplacing your boobs is hard to do.
  3. It creates a great place to store things.
  4. You can apply your lipstick a la Molly Ringwald and impress all the boys.
  5. Low-cut dresses are designed to be filled out.
  6. It looks good in everything from formal wear to jeans.
  7. It can hold your money.
  8. It keeps everyone from looking at the zit on your nose.
  9. Men, men, and more men.
  10. It catches all dropped items.

Cleavage can function as a purse, a necklace, concealer, and a man magnet. Tell me, how many accessories can do that?

Do you rock cleavage?


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