Sofia Vergara of 'Modern Family' & Her Glamorous Emmy Hair: Get the Look!

Sofia Vergara Emmy Awards Modern Family

Did you catch Sofia Vergara of ABC’s Modern Family at the 2010 Emmy Awards? She wore a sparkling pale yellow Carolina Herrera strapless gown. Not everyone loved the dress (including me; sorry Sofia -- love ya!), but her glamorous waves were so lovely.

I had an appointment at my hair salon the other day, and I swear every stylist there (you know how they always have great hair) was wearing the same loose and sexy curls we see here on Sofia Vergara.

Want to get this look? Her stylist Jenny Cho shows us how.


Suave Professional Stylist Jenny Cho's versatility and innovative technique have made her one of the most successful hairstylists in Hollywood.

Here's how Jenny created Sofia's Emmy hair.

8 Steps to Sofia Vergara's Glamorous Waves:

  1. Section out about a 1-inch segment of hair to be curled and spray the hair with styling spray, which protects the hair from the heat.
  2. Using a heated 2-inch curling iron, wrap the sprayed section of hair around the curling iron without closing the tongue of the curling iron.
  3. Release the hair from the curling iron and cup the curl in your hand while it cools down.
  4. Next, grab the end of the curl and finish it off with the curling iron. "It's glamorous, it's polished, it's finished," says Jenny.
  5. Go through and repeat section by section.
  6. To get a glamorous, tousled look like Sofia's, curl the hair back in one section and forward in another section.
  7. When all hair is curled, run fingers through finished hair to break up the curls.
  8. Finish with a lightweight hairspray, misting it from about a foot away.

You can see a video "how to" tutorial on Facebook, starring Sofia and Jenny.

Sofia Vergara Emmy Awards Modern Family 
What do you think of Sofia's Emmy Awards look? The hair? What about the dress?


Images via Suave

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