Boots for Wide Calves: You Wanted It, You Got It

FlickrIt's now an established fact that you ladies love


But one question I've been getting all weekend long (and all last fall and winter as well) is what to do if you have wide calves. And often, it's not even the women who are... ahem... "not size two" asking this question- It's the runners. And the dancers. And the bodybuilders.

(Okay, so I haven't heard from any bodybuilders, BUT I KNOW ONE OF YOU IS TOTALLY A BODYBUILDER. ADMIT IT.)

Anyway, oh-ye-with-wide-calves, if you have been bootless all these years, more's the pity. The fact is, there are PLENTY of boots on the market just for you, and they're no more expensive or hard to find (online, anyway) than ordinary boots.

Don't believe me?

I'll prove it...

First off, if you want to find boots to fit your calves, do a search for "wide shaft boots" or "wide calf boots" and you'll turn up plenty. Look for boots with at least a 16-inch circumference, and measure your calves if you're still not sure.

Now, here are a few of my top wide-shaft boot picks...

ZapposFirst, we have a classic Fitzwell Action Riding Boot (Zappos, $139.41), available in brown and black.


ZapposI love this Gabrielle Rocha Chickadee Boot (Zappos, $90.60 on sale) for a casual look. These also come in brown and black.


ZapposLooking for something dressier? How about this sexy Type Z Madeira boot (Zappos, $129)?


ZapposAnd I'm really liking the detail on these Fitzwell Kyoto boots (Zappos, $129) as well. Thee are also available in black.



These Bare Trap Trystine Boots (DSW, $59.95) are a fabulous price, and look almost identical to my $200+ Dansko slouch boots!


EndlessAnd for an ultra dressed-down look, how about these Fifi and Elvis boots (Endless, $164.95)?

Where do you find cool wide-shaft boots? Is this the first you've heard of them?


Images (top to bottom): John Phillip Green/Flickr, Zappos, Zappos, Zappos, Zappos, DSW, Endless

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sstepph sstepph

I'm so inlove with the last pair of boots. Omggoodnesss!!! I want them so bad. Guess I will start saving my pennies asap;)

LoriA... LoriAnn87

love them but way too much for a pair of boots.

LaDonna Hayden Ashe

This place also has wide calf boots.

They have some that are pretty cute. Some come in extra wide also.

nonmember avatar Mel

I just bought the Bare Trap boots at DSW..they fit perfect. I have "fat" calves - according to boot makers - and have had a hard time finding boots that fit. Even though no one would really say I have big calves, apparently they aren't thin either. These are the first pair that aren't skin tight and a struggle to get zippered all the way up. I bought them in brown.

Laura Hardy Boyd

Duo Boots out of the UK has custom sizing - you order them to fit your calves EXACTLY! I love love love the boots I have from them!

JenBr... JenBrooks76

I heart those Fitzwells...and they come in my size! Yes! I have always had good experience with Zappos too. :-)

Marsh... MarshaCWP

It's been my experience in the last year or two that some boot labels are making their "standard" width calves  a little wider.  I'm on the border-line between regular and wide, and in the last two years I've bought two pairs of knee boots that fit perfectly, without having to buy those marked wide-calf.  So if you're border-line wide, and haven't tried on boots for several years, you really need to go try some on.

nonmember avatar Shelly

Oh Oh!!! I'm the body builder!! Yea those are muscle rolls not fat!! LOL
Seriously, I lusted for that last pair of boots.

Linds... LindsayFerrier

Laura, I've heard great things about Duo Boots.

And Marsha, I agree. I used to search for "wide calf boots" and it actually turned up any boot that was stretch or 16" in circumference- not just those marked wide shaft. There are TONS of boots that are wide shaft without being marked that way overtly. :)

Mel, I'm glad you're loving those boots because I think they're so cute!

knfisch knfisch

I love the fifi and elvis ones!! Thanks for this. I'm a runner and have a natural tendency to have large calves anyway. My calves are massive!! 

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