Want That Dress? It's Only a Text Away!

Imagine if you could find everything you see in a magazine without spotting it, flipping to the back, getting frustrated when it's unclear, throwing up your hands, finally finding it, balking at the price, and deciding you can't afford it.

Now we can cut out those middle four steps. This month, Marie Claire unveiled a new system that utilizes the smartphone and texting/emailing to put fashion in our hands.

Want that fierce pair of olive, lace-up boots? One quick text and you're on your way.

The magazine's September issue includes this feature. Any time a reader sees something they like with a phone next to it, they can snap a photo and call up information on that product.

This only applies to luxury brands, natch. In fact, it applies to 200 of them.


I'm mixed on this as a general concept. The things I see in magazines are so rarely affordable, but wouldn't it be so much cooler if you could snap the photo of the $2,000 pair of boots and it called up 10 $100 alternatives?

How about if you could snap the photo and it automatically acted like your super-honest best friend: As in, "Over the knee boots? You're 5' even -- no way! Try the booty trend, instead."

It just seems like another, faster way for advertisers to get to the consumer. Try it out, but don't automatically assume it's the only option.

Shopping around will never be obsolete no matter how much technology improves.

What do you think of this idea?


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