Flawless Legs: How to Get Them

FlickrI think it's safe to say this photo is every woman's worst nightmare.

Not that YOU'D ever be caught dead in a pair of shorts with the word SEXY across the butt (and if you would, well shame on you). But don't we all have that nagging fear when wearing shorts or a skirt that things aren't looking so hot back there?

The good news is that now, there's help! And it doesn't involve liposuction!

Even Ms. Sexy here could have salvaged her cellulite situation with a few little secrets I'm about to share with you.

The first, in her case, would be to simply wear a longer pair of shorts in order to cover up the worst of the damage.

As for the rest of her legs ...




Sally HansenFor special occasions, I always keep a bottle of Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs (or one of the competing brands) handy. It's available at most drugstores.

There's absolutely nothing like it to make your legs look absolutely FLAWLESS in a short amount of time. Just be sure to test it before you buy and make sure the shade you've chosen isn't too light or dark for your skin tone.


Exuviance If you have a scar or varicose veins you need to hide, try Exuviance CoverBlend (NeoStrata, $22), which I have used and LOVE. Exuviance also has an extra-high-power concealer for a little more money, which will even cover up tattoos!

But my best advice is something I read just a couple of weeks ago and have been doing myself any time I'm wearing a leg-baring skirt or pair of shorts.



Buy the cheapest drugstore foundation you can find (this elf Mineral Booster Foundation, for example, is just $5), mix a dollop of it with your regular skin moisturizer, and rub it onto your legs.

MAGIC. It's the most natural way to beautify your legs, and it only takes a little bit of foundation, so you can really do this every day if you need to without spending a ton of money.

One last secret? Exercise! If you have a gym membership, the elliptical will do wonders when it comes to toning your calves and the backs of your legs -- so will taking the stairs two at a time whenever you can.

What are your sexy leg secrets?


Images (top to bottom) Adrian Miles/Flickr, Sally Hansen, NeoStrata, Drugstore.com


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