Boots for the Dressed Up Girl

NordstromI love boots, which is a good thing this season, because boots are probably the hottest thing going this fall.

What makes this season special is that all kinds of boots are 'in' right now, from distressed to dressy. It is all about the boot, and there are so many styles to choose from that I'm going to break this boot thing into two posts.

Today, I'll focus on dressier boots- Boots for those of you who like wearing them to work or tend to go for a more buttoned-up look. Tomorrow, I'll be back with some amazing dressed-down boots that you can wear with jeans.

These Rag & Bone convertible boots on the Nordstrom catalog model to your left are well beyond almost all of our budgets. But this is a good picture to see the dressier look you'll be going for this fall, and I also love the outfit she's wearing.

Convertible boots, by the way, are a fantastic buy this fall if you can find an affordable pair.

What are convertible boots, you ask?






Convertible boots can be worn over the knee, cuffed, or slouched. I love the versatility.

The most affordable pair of quality convertible boots I've found yet can be found at Victoria's Secret.

Victoria's SecretThese Colin Stuart suede convertible boots (Victoria's Secret, $149) are a fantastic buy at full price, but right now you can get them for $119.20 with the code VSBOOT. They come in several different colors, too.

Wondering how to wear boots over the knee? Check out these ideas...


Over the Knee BootsNeiman Marcus  puts them with skinny pants and a military-inspired jacket for a sharp look.


Neiman MarcusHere's the same boot with leggings and a cardigan. It really glams up what would otherwise be a pretty plain outfit, don't you think?


EndlessScore the look on a budget with this Chinese Laundry Over the Knee Boot (Endless, $84.15 on sale)


Over the Knee BootsAnd of course, you can always wear a high-heeled pair with a shorter skirt. I'd advise not to buy a tight pair if you want to avoid looking like Pretty Woman. Also? These boots are FANTASTIC if it gets really cold where you live. I've had a pair for years and often end up wearing them on days when I want to wear a skirt, but it's really cold outside. They keep most of your leg covered while still giving you a slimmed up look- and you stay warm!

Jones New YorkThis Jones New York Over the Knee boot (Jones New York, $89.95) is a great boot for the money.

Another refined boot option this season is the riding boot.


DSWI like this Madden Girl Riding Boot (DSW, $59.95) for the price. It comes in brown and black.


TargetTarget also has a decent riding boot right now. This Merona Kallista Riding Boot (Target, $39.99) has a price tag that's hard to beat!


And finally, slouch boots- a new entry on the boot scene this year. Dansko sent me a pair of its new Brielle slouch boots and I absolutely LOVE them. The slouch boot is fantastic because it makes the rest of your leg look slimmer. Here are mine.

Lindsay Ferrier
Love these.
Slouch Boots
Will wear them everywhere.
Of course, the $239 price tag might be a little (okay a lot) much for you, but guess what? You can actually enter to win a pair of Dansko boots (or any other Dansko shoe) PLUS a pair of Danskos for your daughter by entering my Dansko Mommy and Me giveaway here. Since we're talking about boots and all...

Madden GirlOtherwise, I have my eye on this Madden Girl slouch boot (DSW, $59.95), which also comes in cognac.


DSWOr this Bare Trap Trystine Boot (DSW, $59.95) which also comes in a wide calf version. Nice!

Whew! I'm exhausted. Obviously, if you're going to buy boots, this is the season to do it. Prices are fantastic, and a good pair of boots will last you decades. Seriously- I've had a fantastic pair of suede over the knee boots since college that I pull out every few years when the over-the-knee trend comes back around. You can bet I'll be getting them out again this fall!

What do you think of these boots? Do you have a must-have style for this season?


Images (top to bottom): Nordstrom, Victoria's Secret, Neiman Marcus, Neiman Marcus, Endless, Neiman Marcus, Jones New York, DSW, Target, Lindsay Ferrier, Lindsay Ferrier, DSW, DSW

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JenBr... JenBrooks76

I love the boots you are wearing. I need a lower heel, a) because I don't walk well in higher heels and b) because my hubby is about the same height I am, so I don't want to be too much taller than he is lol. 

Linds... LindsayFerrier

Sounds like the riding boots or over the knee boots with a flat or wedge heel are for you!

Be sure and read my post tomorrow, featuring dressed-down boots. There are some great ones this season and they all have low heels!

Marsh... MarshaCWP

I have a pair similar to the Madden riding boots that I bought at the end of the season this spring.  I haven't had a chance to wear them much yet, so I'm almost looking forward to the snow falling.  (almost)

CafeM... CafeMochaMom1

Hello Lindsay,

Those boots really do make the outfits. I haven't bought dress boots in a while now. But those sure do look stylish. Thanks for giving me a sneak peak at what some of the fall fashions will be like.

LoriA... LoriAnn87

Love boots, but the only boots I owe are my rain and wanna a be uggs. I need to get a new pair knee high and ankle boots but it so hard finding knee high boots when you have wide calfs.

3lilm... 3lilmonsters411

I like the dress you're wearing with the boots, where is that from? I love the boots! I'd love to see a post about some ideas of what to wear with the boots!

Carenann Carenann

Really cute! I'm not sure I can pull off the over the knee boots but I'd be willing to try it. As for Dankso... I LOVE Dansko, their company headquarters is located in my town and I teach a nutrition class there, they're a great company that really cares for the environment, has a very "green" building and treats their employees very well.  They also have a company store where everything is half priced and at the holidays if you are a friend or family member, which thankfully I am... they have a half priced shopping day which is really half price of their already half priced company store prices!  You can be assured I'll be getting those slouch boots at some point this fall or winter. They also have a cute knee high pair coming out that look like they're laced all the way up. I got three pairs last year and wore them all the time, the quality is fantastic and they still look great. Ok, enough about Dansko, I'm off to enter your contest now! Thanks again for a great post!

sstepph sstepph

Looove!! Esp. the VS boots!!!!

Linds... LindsayFerrier

Carenann, that's great to know about Dansko. I've gotten so many e-mails about their shoes from readers that I was really excited to try them out for myself. I can't speak highly enough about the new kids' line- My daughter LOVES hers, and she's very "sensitive" when it comes to breaking in shoes! :)

3lilmonsters411, I bought the dress last year at Macy's. It's a Suzy Chin.

LoriAnn, I'm going to do a post soon just for you- There are lots of boots out there for women with wide calves, particularly in a year when boots are hot. This is DEFINITELY the year for you to buy boots!

Carey... Carey2006

CUTE!!!! I love it when you take pictures rocking a product!!!!

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