Shoe Porn: Silvery Taupe Peep-Toe Pumps

cash in taupe heels

Hell hath no fury like a woman's shoe porn! That's right -- today's shoe porn is so darn lovely that it brings on rage and fury. Rage that I am only allowed to look at these gorgeous shoes. And fury because these pretty babies are not right here with me dolling up my feet.



The folks at Lovely People named these peep-toe pumps Cash for how totally money they are, I suppose.

How gorgeous would these textured "fish scale" heels in a silvery taupe be with just jeans and a casual top? These are "make the outfit" shoes. They do it all. Say it all. It's done.

And yes, that's why they're $140.

Heel measures 4″, platform measures 1″.

Oh no, hold me back. I just found these same shoes in Yellow and on sale for $75.89! I think I might totally lose my mind.

Are you mad for these shoes?

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