'Project Runway' Recap: Team Underdogs vs. Gretchen

Project Runway 8
Beware of Gretchen
Two teams full of egomanic designers? Team-centric episodes are always full of delicious drama on Project Runway.

For this challenge, each team had to create an entire collection by picking one kind of fabric and one kind of style. Since Michael C. won the challenge, he got to choose his first teammate. In a stupid surprise move, he picked Gretchen, who is, in fact, crazy.

And the teams are as follows:

Team 1, aka Team Luxe (camel and menswear): Gretchen, Michael C., Ivy, AJ, Andy, Christopher.

Team 2, aka Bad News Bears (military and lace ... yeah, since those go together): Casanova, Peach, Valerie, April, Mondo, Michael D.

Individuals from Team 1 have won four challenges, while Team 2? They've won zip. Team 1 decides to work on multiple pieces together and collaborate, while Team 2 opts to have each designer do their own. Which strategy do you think is better? Well, read on ...


Gretchen immediately takes over, and Ivy's bitchiness comes out too, schooling Michael C. on his ineptitude. According to Gretchen? Michael is a total "time suck."

By now I just kinda want to beat up Gretchen. And Casanova, who has a diva breakdown when Tim disses his design. Luckily his model gives him the most cliche advice in the world and he's suddenly inspired.

On to the runway ... tonight, Georgina Chapman is the guest judge.

Guess who won? Team 2! Go underdogs!! Here's what the judges had to say: Heidi noted, "It's young, it's fun." Georgina: "It's very cohesive, but each has its own attitude." They like how each designer created each outfit, so clearly that was the better strategy.

The losers, cowering under Gretchen, fared far worse. Gretchen at first actually doesn't throw anyone under the bus. She says they stand united and emphasize the team effort, while the others stood fearful and silent. Michael K. shot her down and said they ended up with "vanilla boring." Georgina said that they "lost individuality."

Oh wait ... now Gretchen does a complete 180. She first "loved" the collection, and then admitted she was the one who had to "save" it. She went so far as to say "everybody sucked." Michael K. asked her who had the trickiest time, and she called out Michael C. And so of course she had no time to focus on her designing, which is why the collection failed. Riiiiight.

Everyone starts shooting down Michael, but they're wasting their time: He has immunity, people!! It was such a train wreck, but you just couldn't turn away.

Casanova wins the challenge. I do like the tight white pants, and you can tell that he put a lot of work into the top, but I'm overall not all that impressed. The shirt wouldn't be good for my muffin top, but it looks flattering on a skinny, tall model. Here's the winning look:

Project Runway
The winning design
As for the losers it comes between Gretchen and AJ. Gretchen's in, AJ's out.

Project Runway
AJ designed the shirt-dress

AJ spent the entire time designing this ill-fitting shit-dress. It was definitely a weird, confusing outfit. Is she riding a horse? Is she an old-fashioned flight attendant? Really, no words ...

But Gretchen took charge of the collection and her team, and she really deserved to go home. Think Tim's rant after the runway show has anything to do with Gretchen's fall from the top? He said to the team,

"I fundamentally do not understand your behavior and demeanor and affect on the runway. I don’t get it. I don’t know why you allowed Gretchen to manipulate, control, and bully you."

The look on Gretchen's face was priceless. Gotta tune in next week.

What do you think of the winning and losing designs? Think AJ deserved to go home?


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