Kate Spade Halle Wedge Named the 'It' Shoe for Female Politicians. Would You Buy It?

Halle WedgeNow that The New York Times has reported on it, the secret of Washington's most well-heeled women is out:

Their "it" shoe of choice is Kate Spade's Halle Wedge.

According to an article in the NYT this week, the shoe is worn by aspiring politicians up and down the Beltway.

According to the Times, in one political hopeful's office, the female employees have actually ordered the shoe in bulk.

What makes this wedge so special?


Fans say the three-inch wedge makes the shoe stylish, but it's also supremely comfortable.

This is a rare trait in a woman's heel and, apparently, a desirable one as well. Once The New York Times story appeared, Yahoo! reported a 625 percent increase in searches for "kate spade halle."

Not to fear -- right now, the shoe is still available at Piperlime for a cool $298.

EndlessA pretty nude version of the shoe just sold out as I was writing this post (!!!) at Endless.com.

Looks like this shoe could soon be on backorder everywhere!

For the price, would you buy it? How much are you willing to spend for a comfortable and stylish pair of work shoes?


Images via Piperlime and Endless


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