Jennifer Garner Is on Top of Fall's Black Stocking Trend

Jennifer GarnerWondering why our girl Jennifer Garner is smiling?

She knows she's got her fall trends covered with this (decidedly mom-friendly) outfit.

I'm loving her quilted crossbody bag (which reminds me of White House Black Market's $38 version!).

But what I really want you to take notice of is her legs.

This fall is all about black stockings, whether you opt for sheer, opaque (my personal favorite), or patterned, like the ones Brittny wrote about earlier today.

Black. Stockings. Remember this little rule and YOU'RE GOLD.

Also? Start wearing them now under your dresses and you'll instantly transition your look to the fall season, without sweating in the process!

Check out a fabulous example of someone who's done just that below ...




Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor recently featured Store Stylist Aneesa in her interpretation of some of Ann Taylor's latest clothes -- I love this picture because it reminded me that I definitely have a few transitional dresses that could be made fall-like with the addition of black stockings. I bet you do, too.


BodenEven your darker floral dresses can be worn with black stockings. Check out this lovely look from Boden if you need proof!

Want to keep things comfortable? It's cinchy. Wear flats.

As for what kind of tights to buy, frankly, I always go first to T.J. Maxx and Marshalls. They always seem to have exactly what I'm looking for, particularly when it comes to black. Case in point:

Lindsay FerrierI got this amazing pair of Givenchy patterned stockings last year at T.J. Maxx for $5 or $6. I proceeded to wear them grocery shopping, where I caused a bit of a stir, but whatevs. These stockings are TOTALLY in right now and you just might be able to find them on discount. YAY.

HueOtherwise, head on over to your local department store and pick up what you can find there. My favorite lower-priced brand is Hue. These Hue Opaque Control Top Tights (Bare Necessities, $8) don't cost too much, they're comfortable, and they work just fine as tights.

If you're looking for pantyhose, I actually recommend splurging a bit on a brand like Calvin Klein (my personal fave) or DKNY. I just think more expensive pantyhose look, feel, and fit better, and since I hardly ever wear them, splurging isn't that big of a deal.


White House Black MarketPretty patterned tights on the market right now include this lace tight (White House Black Market, $15). And look! She's wearing them with sandals! Tights with sandals or peep toe shoes is completely okay, FYI.


Urban OutfittersUrban Outfitters always has lots of inexpensive patterned tights on hand, including this Peacock Feather Tight (Urban Outfitters, $14). If you're like me and you like to shake things up a little with your choice of clothing, this is definitely a look for you!

That's what I have to say about black stockings. But I want to know what you think. Will you wear them with everything this fall? Will you dare to wear patterned stockings? And what are your favorite brands?


Images (top to bottom): Splash News, Ann Taylor, Boden, Bare Necessities, White House Black Market, Urban Outfitters


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