20 Items of Clothing Badassery for Super Women

We all have that one dress or that one pair of jeans or that one necklace or that one jacket. You know the one. It's the one that makes you feel like a superhero, like you can conquer the world and fly and fight crime all at once.

It could be badass. It could be sexy. But whatever it is, it makes you feel like your most powerful you.

For me, it's a pair of knee-high, glossy leather Italian black boots. They aren't the most comfortable pair of shoes I own (they pinch my feet and strain my calves), but oh do they look fierce. And when I wear them, I feel invincible. Like Wonder Woman.

I asked around and found out that most women have at least one item in their closet that does it for them. Here are 20:


20 items of badass clothing:

  1. A short beige cape, with brass buttons: "It's one of those few articles of clothing I have that's just for me. It's like, I know that there might be guys who find it strange or think 'What's up with BatGirl?' but I don't care. It also feels delicious and comfortable to be so surrounded by an article of clothing -- it's like wearing a blanket around, except it actually looks good."
  2. Thong underwear: "Once you go thong, you never go back."
  3. Frye boots
  4. A perfectly cut white tank with lots of sexy bangles
  5. Mountain biking gloves and helmet: "Not necessarily sexy, perhaps, but I feel like a badass in them." 
  6. Gray suede booties: "They are from Forever 21 and hurt my feet like crazy, but make me feel fabulous."
  7. Irreverent t-shirts
  8. Vintage cowboy boots
  9. (Faux) leather motorcycle jacket
  10. Vintage red dress: "Sexy enough to guys that (in my head) I feel irresistible, yet still classy enough that I feel amazing in it even if I wear it to work."
  11. Perfect-fit jeans: "I'm totally one of those people who believes in buying a good pair of jeans that fit your body type rather than going for whatever the trend is."
  12. Leopard print heels
  13. Thigh-high stockings
  14. Fishnets under a long skirt
  15. Vintage silk halter dress
  16. Pucci scarf
  17. Black trench: "Always classic. Mine is Burberry and makes me feel like Jackie O. It goes over everything."
  18. Big sunglasses
  19. White jeans: "Nothing says summer like white jeans."
  20. Black leggings with booties

What is your superhero outfit?

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