Lindsay Lohan, You're Free! What to Wear to Show the World You've Changed

Lindsay LohanHooray! Lindsay Lohan is out of rehab -- perhaps life as we know it can FINALLY get back to normal!

She'll still receive outpatient treatment, but she is now free to shop, pout, and party (with copious amounts of Red Bull, anyway) again to her heart's content.

But now that LiLo's a free woman, our favorite troubled clotheshorse has a new dilemma: What can she wear to show the world she's changed for the better?

Not to fear, Linds!

I've got the answers you're looking for ...









ZazzleFor starters, you could simply spell it out with a t-shirt, like this one from Zazzle. Make sure it's a clingy tank, though. The photo will get wider circulation that way.


Anna SuiA mystical caftan will help convince the world that you've turned to Far Eastern prayer rituals to stay clean. Make sure your caftans are designer, like this $697.45 version from Anna Sui. That way, the world will also know that your lawyer fees didn't completely bankrupt you.


Om NecklaceLet 'em get close enough for a look at your TIna Tang Om pendant (Goldyn, $149) and they'll know you've turned to yoga to keep those cravings for the bad stuff at bay.


Yoga HoodieI especially love this Alo 'After Yoga' Hoody (Nordstrom, $66) for you, because in addition to proving that you've embraced a healthier lifestyle, the orange color will serve as a not-so-subtle tip-off to your new prison friends that you haven't forgotten them!


Peace t-shirtAnd don't forget the old celebrity standby: Peace. Whether you're wearing it on your t-shirt (Old Navy, $14.50) or flashing the peace symbol at roving paparazzi, it serves to remind everyone that you're ... famous. And you love peace and stuff.

What do you think of Lindsay Lohan's release? Do you think she's had enough time to make a lasting change in her life?


Images (top to bottom): Graham/Flickr, Zazzle, Mytheresa, Goldyn, Nordstrom, Old Navy

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