Ke$ha's New Clothing Line: Capes and Roadkill

Ke$ha, a singer as famous for her bubblegum songs that stay stuck in your head all day as she is for her insane outfit choices, has announced that she will be launching a clothing line.

Her line will include capes because, as she tells AMP Radio, "They've been out since like, what? The 1800s? And it's about time they came back." It may also include roadkill (seriously, roadkill) and "recycled feathers" in addition to several other fashion atrocities that make me want to cry.

Asked why she plans to use roadkill, the singer said: "I kind of think it is an honor to the animal if it is already dead and sitting on the side of the highway."

Hmmmm ...


But does the roadkill smell?

"No," Ke$ha said. "I mean we wash it. I think it's important not to kill animals."

Hey, at least it's not part of the fur industry, right? On the other hand, I have one word: faux. Look into it.

Honestly, even if her line didn't include roadkill and capes, I'm still not sure I would let this woman choose my outfits. Let's just say that left to her own devices, my toddler would leave the house every morning looking like a cross between a Disney Princess and Ke$ha.

Ke$ha wears glittered streaks of paint on her face, and long streams of feathers and headdresses are always somewhere on her body. She also wears animal heads reminiscent of a scene from The Shining, multiple wrist watches (which is a look she stole from Punky Brewster), and shreds of fabric she calls dresses.

Most often she looks like a bedraggled drag queen walking home through a rainstorm after a night of clubbing.

Would you wear Ke$ha's line of clothing?


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