Tutortogs: The Ultimate Status Shirt for New Moms

TutortogsI thought things were out of control when I heard about a local mom who has her 2nd grade daughter in Kumon classes twice a week -- even though the kid is already at the top of her class.

But Tutortogs might just take the cake.

Designed to "stimulate baby’s intellectual curiosity and encourage visual responsiveness," Tutortogs are t-shirts for moms who want to make sure little Buffy or Parkerson gets a head start on the other kids. In this case, I suppose it would be a head, head start.

Maybe it's just me, but if I ever agree to wear what should rightfully be printed on my baby's playmat?

Shoot me.

Read on to see more of Tutortogs' designs ....


TutortogsGentlemen, start your engines! Sure, baby may be "stimulated," but everyone else is going to be rubbing their eyes when they see you coming in this top.


TutortogsThis shirt isn't quite so horrible, but in a way, that makes it worse. Rather than connecting your clothing choice to your baby's visual development, people will think you simply have really bad taste. And personally, I'd rather my baby be transfixed by my expressive face than my ... shirt.


TutortogsThis striped shirt is by far the least offensive. However, I think I could find a better price on a striped, long sleeved shirt than this $42 version ...

But these tops aren't just for mommies! According to an e-mail I received pitching these shirts, "Grandmothers, aunts, nannies, and others who care for newborns can all wear the tops" as well!

Yikes. I see many a family feud in Tutortogs' future ...

What do you think of these "intellectual stimulators"? Would you wear one?


Images via Tutortogs.com


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