Socks With Heels: The Look Goes Mainstream

Socks with SandalsMonths and months ago (for the record), I tried to warn you about a new trend coming down the pike ...

Socks worn with heels.

I even donned a few pairs for a Style Dare, much to your horror. The look was soundly mocked by She's Still Got It readers. Words like "Ew, ew" and "Hideous" and even "Me no likey" were used to describe my apparent fashion faux pas.

Well, I've got news for you, ladies. This fall? Ankle socks with sandals, platform heels, and booties are everywhere.




Sock Theory            Seriously, open any fall magazine and you'll see socks with heels all over the place.

Sock TheoryHere's what The Stir reader Diane has to say about it: "Wow. Don't think I can go there.... I always thought the idea was to trick the eye by not chopping up the look of your leg. To give the leg length. Guess I am even more clueless than I already knew I was."


Sock TheoryShe's got a point. But personally, I'm torn. I think socks with heels could be really cute with Modcloth-style retro dresses and skirts, which are in abundance this fall. There's definitely a major '50s influence in clothing trends right now.

I also like the fact that socks are comfortable. They negate the need for hose or tights.

But if you get this look wrong, you end up looking completely silly. And who wants to risk that at our age?

I'll probably try this look again, mostly because I already have the socks on hand -- I might as well wear them!

But what do you think? Will you rock the socks this fall?

(And by the way, if you like the socks pictured, check out Sock Theory, which carries all sorts of incredibly hip socks, from anklets to knee socks.)


Images via Sock Theory


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