Back to the '80s Trends: Pegged Pants

Like many women in the United States today, I have bad memories of middle school and the fashion atrocities I both committed and witnessed. These memories include everything from big hair to Sally Jesse Raphael glasses and pink frosted lipstick.

But none of these atrocities was quite as pervasive as the peg-legged pant or, as we called them in my Midwestern suburb: "french-rolling."

Yes, pegging was all the rage in the early 1990s in Ohio where fashion trends are about a decade behind the rest of the country, and I wore my acid washed jeans folded over once and then tightly rolled like any good soldier.

This was a look that boys sported, too, by the way. No one was immune to poor fashion choices! 

So, imagine my surprise when I learned that pegged jeans -- like scrunchies, neon colors, and the Piranha franchise -- are back in again!


I must say that for all my kvetching, the look on this model is really rather flattering. It's modernized a bit, less MC Hammer, Z Cavaricci, and David Silver on 90210 and more sexy retro.

There is definitely something distinctly '80s about the whole ensemble, but I have to say, it does look kind of fresh (in a recycled way). Still, I'm not sure I'm hip or young enough to pull the look off myself.

So, tell me: Would you try the pegged jeans look again?


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