What Not to Wear to Your First PTA Meeting

Lindsay FerrierIt's the end of August and time to start thinking about back-to-school fashion.

And no, I'm not talking about your kids.

I'm talking about your back-to-school fashion, dear.

You want to make a good impression on the other moms, and the best place to do it is at your first PTA meeting, where all the queen bees of the mommy world jockey for position.

As you can see, I've got the World's Best Mother look down pat *snicker*...

But not everyone has figured out the school rules.

Read on to see what not to wear to your first PTA meeting.


FlickrYou've been working out and you're proud of your buff body. But honey, your first (or third or 16th) PTA meeting is not the place to show it off. At least cover up that clingy workout gear with a jacket or loose-fitting tee -- because the last thing the PTA's bake sale committee wants to see is your six-pack.


Arbonne TeeNo one wants to hear your sales pitch on PTA night, mkay? That shizzle's annoying.


Stripper HeelsYou may have the highest heels in town, but you might want to opt for a lower heel on PTA night. Choose a conservative shoe and you'll be Treasurer in no time!


GothYou're a Renaissance Maiden. Or a Biker Chick. Or a Goth. Or a Punk Rocker. I'm all about being yourself and doing your own thing, but I do think it's a good idea to tone it down a bit on PTA night -- not because you care what the other parents think of you, but because, right or wrong, you don't want them to exclude your kid because of your fashion decisions.


FlickrI know, I know. It's hot outside! But perhaps you could throw a cute cardigan over that skin-tight tank for PTA night. And maybe some ... pants?

As for what you do want to wear, use your best judgment, keep it comfortable, and err on the conservative side. Remember, you're not dressing for you on PTA night. You're dressing for your kids. You want to inspire confidence in other parents, not fear. Or disgust. Or nausea. You might want to take a shower, for example, if you haven't taken one in a week or two. Showers are pretty much always a good thing.

What are your ideas on the matter? Do you have any stories of parents who made you mistrust them, based solely on what they wore? I remember a mom, for example, who always dressed in Junior's Department clothing, even though she was in her mid-40s. I'm talking cropped shirts that showed off her belly button and skin tight jeans. I have to admit that I was always leery of her as a result. I don't like that I judge people based on their clothing, but knowing that it happens, I also don't want other parents to get a false impression of me based on what I wear.



Images (top to bottom): Lindsay Ferrier, Victoria Garcia/Flickr, Zazzle.com, Zappos, cybrgrl/Flickr, jmrosenfeld/Flickr

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mamac... mamacita69930

This post is spot on. But not only for pta meetings but also when picking up your child. Remember you are picking up your child not other men/women. Or trying to advertise your wares and then get green because someone else has the same labels. Just get over it. Pick up your kid and get the heck out of the building asap.It is a PTA meeting for your kid not Back to High School for you.....

hotic... hoticedcoffee

There was a mom dressed like the woman in the last picture, at the last PTA meeting of the last school year.  It was unseasonably hot, and unfortunately, the mom was not - everything was a couple sizes too small.  It was tragic.

vicesix vicesix

LOLOL, I see a few of each of these at every school function I attend. I can only shake my head...especially at the ones with body parts hanging out. I always wonder if their children are embarrassed, or if they're so used to it that they don't even realize that mom is exposing quite a bit more flesh than everyone else's ma.

Linds... LindsayFerrier

"Remember you are picking up your child not other men/women."

LOL, mamacita69930!

jenltd jenltd

To add to the list: TENNIS SKIRT! Save it for the courts, ladies.

Emily Tickle Thomas

It drives me crazy when parents wear sweatpants, work out wear, even logo tshirts to school events (class parties, plays, awards). Jeans would even be better. Just something that looks like you give a damn.

mamac... mamacita69930

Oh yes, Lindsay Ferrier. Let's see how about picking your child without a coat in the middle of a blizzard and yeah with a matching bebe on the butt and white booties?? Or daisy dukes so short the whole buttocks is exposed and oh yeah thank goodness she got called out on it by school administration.The worst was wearing children's size 14 stretch velour so tight that you can not even walk but tippy toe??LOL.  

nonmember avatar nonmember

You know, you're right. One shouldn't dress like they're going out to a Vegas club for spending time with their children. HOWEVER...if you are fit and you do work-out before or after picking up your children...what gives? Clearly you shouldn't show up in the sports bra top and tiny shorts, but if you're in great shape...why shouldn't you wear a tank top and yoga pants? Not all of us hope to be June Cleaver. The problem is that the moms I see showing up in the tennis skirts are the ones with cellulite and cankles...not good!! But they think they look cool and athletic. Just don't embarass your kids!

Stephanie Strader

UM. The flannel pajama with the HOTT STUFF on the booty - NEVER. Been there, seen that. Why? I just wanna know why? 1) would you wear it - even at home. 2) and why would you leave the house with it on? (and send your high schooler out in a matching pair?)

sodapple sodapple

lol, i haven't gone to a PTA meeting yet but i'll be ready to see that.

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