Lesley Evers: New Find

Heather FletI can't tell you how much I loved Rookie Mom Heather Flett's cute dress at BlogHer a few weeks ago...

So when she linked recently to the designer who'd sold her the dress, I went straight to the site for a visit.

All I have to say is...


Designer Lesley Evers makes the most amazing dresses, skirts and tunics in standout fabrics that definitely will make you stand out from the mall crowd.

And while the dresses can be a bit pricey, Lesley's site has a great sale page with deals that are totally wallet-friendly.

Read on to see some of my top picks from Lesley Evers' fab website...











Audrey Lesley EversLesley sells pieces in several different styles, and for each style, you can choose from a selection of fabrics. I'm loving both the cut and print on this Audrey dress (Lesley Evers, $195).


Audrey Lesley EversShort on cash? Try this Audrey dress in pink cottage flowers (Lesley Evers, $117 on sale). I like this print just as much as the black geometric pattern!


Lesley EversI'm also loving this Paige dress (Lesley Evers, $175). This is the kind of dress you could wear for years. YEARS!


Lesley EversWant the look for a lower price? How about a Lesley Evers skirt? I love this Jane skirt (Lesley Evers, $63 on sale).


Lesley EversLesley's tunics make me want to head straight back to the beach! I love this breezy Blair tunic (Lesley Evers, $105).

What do you think of Lesley Evers' designs?

Images via LesleyEvers.com

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