Christina Hendricks Models for Etsy Friend

Christina HendricksImagine looking for a scarf on Etsy and turning up this picture.

"Hey," you say to yourself. "That woman looks just like Christina Hendricks from Mad Men!"

"But it can't be," you chuckle, shaking your head.

But it is.

Yes, ladies, Christina Hendricks is even cooler than we realized, helping out pal Tamara Mello by modeling her hand-knit scarves on Etsy (this Shibori-style felted scarf is $130).

Read on to see more of Christina's cute Etsy pics ...



Christina Hendricks Etsy                         Seeing these photos, it's not surprising that this scarf sold quickly.


Christina Hendricks EtsyThis scarf also sold out. I wish my photos would turn out this good when my friends take pictures of me ...


Christina Hendricks EtsyThis orange and gold scarf is still available on Etsy for $100. Would you buy it if you knew Christina Hendricks had worn it?


Christina Hendricks EtsyAnd of course, even an Etsy photo shoot wouldn't be complete without a shot of Christina's, um, greatest assets. This moss green and aubergine scarf is available for $130.

Christina Hendricks has always seemed pretty normal for a Hollywood celebrity. This Etsy shoot makes me like her even more.

What about you?


Images via Etsy

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