'Project Runway' Recap: A Butt Hat and Triple Panty/Diapers ... WTF?

Project Runway
We start right where we left off last week -- Ivy fainting and paramedics attending to her. Looks like the stress of the competition got the best of her, as some contestants observed she hadn't been eating or taking care of herself.

At 3:20 a.m. the next morning, Ivy was released and she could go back to work.

Andy won last week, so he has immunity and can't be eliminated. Heidi Klum introduces the models, all of whom are wearing outrageous hats. Philip Treacy, the creator of the hats, is the guest judge this week.


The designers' assignment: to create a dress that reflects the crazy hats, and the contestants get to pick the hats/models they like. Everyone seems to stick with their own model, and it's really quite boring -- geez, can't they mix it up once in a while?

I feel the most for Kristin, whose model was sporting a ginormous orchid on her head. Good luck with that one.

Casanova feels like he's on the chopping block, as he's making a long black dress that you see everywhere. Michael C's concerned he has to start over after criticism from Tim, but talking to his son helped him gain some perspective. Gretchen's still criticizing everyone and in general is a bitch, and April definitely made a diaper.

On a side note, I was taken completely off-guard when the show played "Kiss From a Rose" by Heidi's husband Seal when she came out wearing a huge rose on her head before the runway show. At first I was like wtf is going on with this psycho music?

The models did their thing, and the designers in all seemed pretty happy with what they did. When the judges separated the top and bottom 3 from the rest, the contestants (and I) got quite a few of the top 3 and bottom 3 wrong. Let's see what you think.

Check out the top 3:

Project Runway

Michael D: Treacy really loved his design, and Michael liked the texture and pleating. Nina also liked the open back. Personally, I wasn't too thrilled with this one. I thought the colors clashed a bit, and I did like the top, but the skirt was kind of ugh. But what can you do with a hat that looks like a butt?

Project Runway

Valerie: Heidi thought this dress was beautiful and was one of her favorites. She loved the white jacket and zipper in the back. Michael liked the "geometric and neat" hem. Treacy appreciated the structure, but he didn't understand where it was coming from. I agree, I thought the dress was beautiful, but the mask hat(??) and dress didn't go together at all.

Project Runway

Michael C: Michael K. said, "This is what harmony looks like." He also called it "effortless." Nina remarked, "The color of the hat and the color of the dress: perfect." I liked this dress, though I thought it looked a little bit hastily put together, especially in the waist area. This turned out to be the winning design! But I felt bad because no one seemed to be particularly happy for him ...

And the bottom 3:

Project Runway

Kristin: Poor Kristin with the orchid hat. Michael said, "I look at what happened at the dress and see no correlation between the two except we have pink accents." Nina didn't think Kristin had a plan and even went so far as to diss the model's toe nail polish. The dress looked boring and sloppy to me. Says Michael, "It's not architectural, and it's not fluid either." Ouch.

Project Runway

Christopher: Heidi said it seemed "sad" and Michael criticized the leggings. And said that her coat was made out of "drapes." Fashion idiot alert: I thought the fabric for the top was really pretty. It seemed that all the judges thought the outfit was way too complicated. So I didn't necessarily agree with the bottom half of the model, but I didn't think this one deserved to be in the bottom 3!

Project Runway

April: Ah, the triple-panty/diaper. This one I agreed with. Michael said that April picked the right category, but the execution was very literal. It looked like the model "layered her underpants" for the weekend. And no one wants to know about the zipper in the back. Treacy was kind and said it was "a little bit weak." Dude, it's a diaper.

Poor Kristin's out. April's been in the bottom three twice now. I feel like it's only a matter of time. And surprise! Gretchen wasn't in the top 3. She made that clear by critiquing the winning design. You stay classy, Gretchen.

Next time: They'll be working in two teams of six. Always lovely to watch designers with huge egos go at each other's throats. Should be a good one.

Did you agree with the top and bottom 3 this episode? What did you think of the hats?


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