Megan Fox Raids Stepson's Closet

megan foxMegan Fox gained a whole new wardrobe when she married Brian Austin Green -- the wardrobe of his 8-year-old stepson.


She's been spotted wearing her stepson's t-shirts, which are big and baggy on him, but are tight and cropped on her, showing off her famously toned stomach.

Only Megan Fox could make a kid's geeky Star Wars tee hot, though it just goes to show how skinny she is if she can put her shoulders through a children's top.

Megan probably just started a new trend that's going to embarrass little boys everywhere because their mothers are going to walk around in their favorite tees.

Wearing your son's t-shirts, hot or not? Have you ever worn anything from your son's closet? Think it's appropriate for a new stepmom to be wearing her stepson's clothes?


Image via kedondeng/Flickr

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